West Texas Off Road starts with your existing steering box.  The box is disassembled cleaned, rebuilt, modified and hydraulic fittings added.  In addition the Stage II kit includes the mounting hardware kit and rod ends.
Stage 1 Kit Only $130 !!!
Stage II Complete System Only $549 !!!
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For the budget minded West Texas Off Road offers the Stage 1 kit.  We modify your existing steering box for hydraulic fittings.  You supply the hoses and ram.      (Does not include box rebuild !!!)
Other Kit Options
Steering Box Rebuild $160
1.5" Ram $165.00
1.75" Ram - $165.00
2" Ram- $220
5/8" Hardware kit (bolts, washers, weld tabs, and lock nuts)$30.00
5/8" Heim ends  $25.00
Set of hoses  $52.00
Fittings & Caps for DIY tap $15
Quick steer convertion for early model Broncos $150
High output Saginaw pump $120+
Saginaw Mega pump $175+

Why pay $1000 - $2000 for an aftermarket Hydraulic Assist Steering System when you can reutilize much of your existing steering system and save 50%.
Stage III Complete System Starting at Only $749 !!!
For those with need or want for a new gear box and pump we now offer a complete system!!!

Because of the great variaty of vehicles that are in this great sport of ours, these kits are on a custom order only basis
These kits will include a modified gear box and a pump and a core charge on both.